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Chaytna D. Feinstein, a Canadian by birth, has been living in the Himalayas of northern India since 1977. Inspired by the beauty and depth of the traditions, knowledge, and culture of India, she has devoted years to the study of Hindi and Sanskrit scripture and literature, as well as Indian philosophy. She teaches Hindi to students of all ages, from all backgrounds. Professionals, language teachers, educators and travelers all benefit from Chaytna's work.

When Chaytna began teaching in 1982 there was little or no course material available in the remote part of the country where she lives, and because of the diversity of her students, she needed to find a method that was simple, immediate, and did not require too much memorization. She developed, tested, and refined the sentence building system, which is the basis of her book, Let's Learn Hindi. It is a unique language learning system, based on the parts of speech, arranged according to their order in a Hindi sentence.

For many years, the Let's Learn Hindi system has aided hundreds of students to quickly and easily develop conversational, reading and writing skills.

Chaytna is in the process of writing her new book, Let's Practice Hindi, which will help students do just that! It follows the same method of Let's Learn Hindi, but provides stories, photos, added explanations and exercises for practicing Hindi more extensively. It will nicely complement Let's Learn HIndi and be useful to those who prefer to practice by themselves.


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