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From a professor of languages:

I have, indeed, been using Let's Learn Hindi in several of my courses at Harvard University with great success. Because it is such a "user-friendly" quick reference grammar and dictionary, students have found it an invaluable supplement to the other language and literature texts I use in my courses. Several students have found the grammar explanations to be accessible as they are written in a simple language and avoid the use of excessive linguistic terms and jargons. Since I teach both the Urdu and Hindi scripts in my courses, students have also found Let's Learn Hindi most useful as a guide to Hindi orthography. I would enthusiastically recommend this book to my colleagues who teach Hindi at other US universities. As far as I know, Let's Learn Hindi is unique among instructional texts for Hindi.

Professor Ali Asani
Harvard University
Cambridge, Mass. USA

From a biology professor:

As a professional educator, I am very impressed with Chaytna D. Feinstein’s pedagogical approach to learning Hindi. It is practical, easy to use and fun. I have used this book extensively and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning Hindi.

Professor Ellen Rosenberg
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

From a medical practitioner:

For most people learning a foreign language such as Hindi can be both difficult and stressful, but having such a clear, well-laid out, easily accessible, and user-friendly learning resource has made the subject interesting and enjoyable to learn. As a recent student of Hindi I can personally attest to its practical and useful nature of Let's Learn Hindi by the number of times I have used it!

Gary Miller MD FRCPC
Saudi Arabia

From a language student:

There are many Hindi language courses and 'teach yourself' books available and some are quite good. Whether you use other course material or not, Let's Learn Hindi is a godsend to both the beginning student and those who are looking for an easy means of refreshing their knowledge of Hindi. It is the ultimate in user friendliness, so much so that it makes you want to learn.

 John Davidson
Hindi-language student
London, England



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